ACDC Surge Protectors are advanced multi-stage surge protectors consists of 8 (eight) protection stages that provides effective and reliable protection against surges and transients. They are from class I+II+III according to standard IEC61643-1 and meet the standard for protection of devices from electromagnetic (radio) interference IEC60939-2.

Our concept of Eight (8) Stages Surge Protection are exclusively original and unique on the market.

Using the most recent accomplishments of multi-stage protection design we have developed new generation of Integrate Series SURGE Protection devices with high grade EMI/RFI filtering and response time of 1ns.

The quality has been proved in many occasions, protecting highly sophisticate sensitive equipment, due to the digitalization and computerization of all processes.

Our approach to the surge protections include integration of suppressors in multi- stage protection unit, new filtering design, option for ground filtering and new diagnostics system.

The products have built in 4 (four) innovations (patents) under the numbers 900836, 900545, 903566 and 903567.

The scope of applications of our ACDC Surge Protectors is quite wide and refers to the protection of electrical devices against impulse surge and high-frequency (electromagnetic) disturbance, oscillation, speaks in network power supply and atmospheric discharge. Our products extended equipment life and reduce their losses, downtime and errors.

The first part of innovation is use of four (4) complementary different protective technologies, (Varistor, Gas Tube, Nanocrystalline and TVS technology) in one unit with result of reducing surge current up to 99.9% at single point, characteristic which can’t offer competitive surge products.

The second part of innovation is simple and easy applying of international protection standards (IEC 62305 & ANSI/IEEE C62.41. 1-2). with ACDC Surge Protectors.  This solution expel need of several surge protectors installed separately in each boundary protection zone (LPZ0a/LPZ0b-LPZ3 & C-A) significantly reduced total cost for surge protection.

This is also novelty that can’t offer competitive manufacturers and directly relates to the simplicity of the application of surge protection under current standards for professions that are not familiar with electricity or are not trained to follow  complex conditions for surge protection of electrical devices.

With simple words, design and planning of surge protection is not any more reserved just for experts in this field. It’s become simple and applicable from professions such as planners, construction engineers, IT, electricians and others.

Our patents (innovations) are built in fifty three (53) models-complete products that have induced worldwide interest and had been many times awarded (Innovation fair: Seoul, Eureka-Innova: Brussels, IENA: Nuremberg, Arka: Zagreb, Nikola Tesla: Belgrade, Tehnoma: Skopje)

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