The need of surge protections is growing rapidly. Newest gene-ration of sophisticated electronic devices are more sensitive to electrostatic discharges and over-voltage spikes in power distribution networks and requiring new approach to the surge protection with improved quality and reliability. The integrated multi-stage surge protection system significantly reduces the total cost trough:

  1. Applying standard IEC 62305 & ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2 (Lightning international      protection standards) requires several independent surge protectors installed separately in each boundary protection zone LPZ0a-LPZ3 & C-A.  ACDC Surge Protector presents multi-stage protection system with 8 (eight) protection stages in one device, expelling the need of using surge protectors in other protection zones, while reducing surge current up to 99% (at a single point).

  2. Expel installation and cost of several independent surge protectors in different boundary zones according lightning protection standards. (ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2 & IEC 62305);

  3. Expel the need of surge expert engineer regarding installation of several protectors on different places;

  4. Expel need for coordinated protection;

  5. Reduce the cost of protector installation;

  6. Reduce space requirements;

  7. Lower maintenance expenditures;

  8. Extremely high protection efficiency and reliability;

  9. Reduced cost of maintenance of the protected equipment regarding higher MTBF;

  10. ACDC Surge Protectors are excellent choice for investment in quality of your power network supply.  If  the stages 2,4 and 6 are out of function, the stages 1,3 and 7 are still provide a high grade cascade bi-directional filtering among with ultimate (5-th) protection stage.

  11. Recommended usages of integrated multi-stage surge protection system ACDC Surge Protectors on sites were standard & IEC 62305 & ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2 (Lightning international protection standard) was not implemented on boundary zones LPZ0a / LPZ0b-LPZ3 & C-A or in case of absence of any other surge protectors.
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