Using the most recent accomplishments of the advanced Nano Crystalline core materials we have developed and designed new generation of Integrated Series SURGE Protection devices. These devices are with a high grade of EMI/RFI filtering for application up to 100A and 8 (eight) protection stages with total response time of 1nsec.

The ACDC Surge Protectors have cascade phase filtering with option for ground filtering that annuls all disadvantages of high frequency resonance in grounding system.

Beside standard operating diagnostic system for each protection stage the device have additional signalization for ground condition. Every ACDC Surge Protector Type have free contact alarm as basic option.

Incorporating Nano Crystalline technology into a surge reduction filters represent a fundamental breakthrough in the overall design of the standard bi-directional filters.

Nano crystalline core inductors, which are much smaller than non-saturating ferrite and air-core inductors, enable reduction of the dimensions and significant improvement of the final performances.

These benefits are reduced size, weight and heat dissipation. This combination of functions results in enhanced efficiency against transient over-voltages (low clamping voltage) and RF interferences.

High current capability, up to 100A, makes these protectors ideal equally for low power sensitive electrical devices and for industrial application.

ACDC Surge Protectors present a Multi-Stage Surge Protection composed of 8 (eight) surge protection stages. It is from class     I + II + III according to standard IEC61643-1. He also meets the standards for protection of devices from electromagnetic (radio) interference IEC60939-2.

The first part of innovation is use of four (4) complementary different protective technologies, (Varistor, Gas Tube, Nanocrystalline Cores and TVS technology) in one unit with result of reducing the surge current up to 99.9% at single point. This characteristic competitive surge products can’t offer.

The second part of innovation is simple and easy application of ACDC Surge Protectors applying of international protection standards (IEC 62305-4 & ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2). This solution expel need of several surge protectors installed separately in each boundary protection zone (LPZ0a/LPZ0b-LPZ3 & C-A).

These two innovations regarding used technology (Multi-Stage design) and simplest application for surge protection of devices are remarkable advantage toward other surge products which can be find on worldwide markets.

Using of ACDC Surge Protectors are excellent choice for the INVESTMENT in quality of your power network supply.

Our products, manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards, can offer safety covered by the latest state of the technology.

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